Fairy Tale Love

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From the musical, “A Tribute To The Memory Of You”
by Denny Hamann


Tell me if I’m dreaming.  Tell me if you’re real. I cannot describe it – how you make me feel.
Life is so amazing.  You’re the making of – all the things I wished for, in a fairy tale love.

I am overwhelmed by your beauty.  Could you be a prince in disguise?
Maybeyou’re my guardian angel,  looking in my soul with your eyes.

Can’t deny my feelings, no more need to hide.  I am so complete now, with you here by my side.
All of my ambitions, that I’ve been dreaming of.  They cannot compare to this fairy tale love.

Charley: (waking up)  What’s all this talk about fairies?

Biff:  Oops.  I didn’t mean to wake you.  I got a little carried away.

Charley:  Carried away with what?  Hmm?  (hugs him)

Biff:  I couldn’t stop dreaming about you all night.  that is, what little of it was left to sleep.  I can’t believe someone as wonderful as you is in my life.

Charley:  Well believe it.  He’s here.

Biff:  there’s so much I want to learn from you, Charley.  I don’t know how I could ever measure up to you.

Charely:  There’s lots of things I can learn from you.  You’ve taught me how to smile again.  There’s so much I love about you.
Biff:  Oh yeah?  Like what?
(Overlapping duet for Biff and Charley)
Charley:  Well,   I love the way your eyes catch the sunlight.
Biff:  I love the way you smile when you see me.
Charley:  I love the way your smile catches mine.
Biff:  I love the way you dance in my arms
Charley:  I love to hear you sparkle with laughter.

Both:  (Singing to each other)   And to think, . .  that you’re really mine!
Both:  Knight in shining armour,  carry me away.
Take me on a journey,  now and every day.
I’ll be your companion,  all my lifetime through.
Let the whole world know, . . . that       I’m . . in love . . . with you.
(Biff and Charley embrace as music swells to finish the song)