Family Dreams

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From the musical, “A Tribute To The Memory Of You”
by Denny Hamann



Twinkle, twinkle, little star.
Let me tell you who you are.
Little child of mine, innocent divine,
perfect human being, you.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star.
Gift of love is what you are.
Sent from God above.
You bless our lives with love.
Sleep in peace, oh child of mine.

That’s my boy!
Not a she, but a he, that’s my son!
That’s my boy!
He’s the hope for my dreams, he’s the one!
A ladies man like me.
Baseball playing jock, is he.
No sissy. Not my boy!
All the things I’ll never be,
that’s my boy!

What if I’m not like that?
Am I still your son?
What if I am di’frent?
Am I still the one?
The son you gave your name to.
Is this son who loves you so.
But what if I’m not like that.
Will your love for me still grow?

(Key changes, tempo picks up and the three previous arias become the trio for “Family Dreams”.
Each singing alone, portraying a family where no one hears what the other is saying.)