I Have a Son!

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Brett sings:

I am a father, and there is my son.
Now I’m a dad. But, do I want to be one.
A son is a responsibility. A load for me to bear.
A son will demand a lot from me. But do I want to be there?

I am a father. And, there stands my son.
He needs a dad, but, do I want to be one?
Someone to throw a ball for him, the friend he’s never had.
Someone that he looks up to now.
Someone that he calls Dad.

A son! I have a son!
He is my boy. He is the one.
A son! I have a son!
A boy that I fathered.
But, what if I choose to run ?

My God! This is not what I planned.
I have my whole life to live, something that was so grand.
And now, something higher it calls me.
My role, as a father, my destiny.

A voice deep inside, to thine own self be true.
My son, has a father. And God! How I love you.

A son! I have a son.
He is my life, Gilly. He is my one true son.
A son, I have a son.
I am his Father, and I will never run.
A son! I have a son.
Family we are one.
Yes, I have a son!