Opening Overture

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The musical begins with the opening overture.

The Dream Catcher (a handsome, well built Indian wearing a loin cloth and a magnificent white feather headdress and long train) walks through the center of the audience, pausing to play his Indian flute. The principal actors (seated in the audience) rise, one at a time, as if hearing the call of the “Pied Piper” and take their positions on the stage, preparing to take a role they have played in life.

The Dream Catcher stands stage right or in the background, for he is the master choreographer overseeing the roles the actors are playing.

Listen as he speaks.

Dream Catcher:

I am The Dream Catcher.
I have a story to tell you. A story about dreams.
A story about living your dreams in a world that says you have none.

The people you see are people I know.
I’ve brought them here so they can experience their dreams with you.

I want to take you on a magical journey to the place where dreams are born.
As the story unfolds, let your mind wander.
Let it wander to that place where dreams are born.
You know the place.
It’s always been there.
Deep inside of you.

Once upon a time, there was a boy. A young boy named Gilly . . .
He lives with his Mom, Jo.
Gilly’s bedroom is right above the Silver Spur . .
.a country Western bar that Jo owns in Augusta Georgia.
It’s a favorite hangout for the students from the Georgia Medical College.

Right now, Gilly, is asleep in his bed and the bar is getting ready to open.
Its the first weekend of the fall semester with a brand new batch of freshmen medical students … each one working on their dream . . . their dream to be a doctor.