You Gotta’ Have a Dream

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You gotta’ have a dream to hold on to.
Yes, a dream that’s all about you.
Dreams come true, for me. And yes for you.
You gotta have a dream that makes your heart sing,
like a bird that greets the morning.
Dreams are songs your heart gives light to
when you gaze upon a star.

Some folks spend a lifetime
never living out their dreams .
Quiet lives of desperation.
Life isn’t what it seems.
Make your dream your heart song.
Feel it deep inside of you.
Hear that quiet voice within sing.
To thine own self be true.

(sing in harmony with Dream Catcher)
You gotta’ have a dream that you believe in.
Yes a dream’s the place to begin.
Dreams come true for me.
And yes, for you.
You gotta’ have a dream that you hold on to.
Yes the dream is all about you.
So sing from your heart son.
You gotta’ have a dream.